A Note from Susan Miller — February 2021

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Dear Reader,

February will be an extraordinary month because of the unusual buildup of planets in Aquarius, called a “stellium” or “crown of stars,” in one constellation—Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun, plus the new moon in Aquarius. Wherever you have Aquarius in your chart will be a big hub of activity.

The last time I saw a crown of stars in Aquarius was February 4, 1962, when there were seven heavenly bodies lined up in a row like little people at the bank. The last time had seven heavenly bodies line up in a row in any sign was May 3, 2000, when we had seven in Taurus. We will never have never have seven again, but we will have six heavenly bodies in alignment, as we do this month.

On a different topic, when you read your horoscope, be sure to read your Sun sign and also your rising sign. Keep in mind that we all have two charts—your birthday Sun-sign chart and your custom natal chart with your rising sign, calculated by your precise time of birth, place of birth, and day, month, and year of birth. You should always read for both your custom rising-sign chart and Sun-sign chart to get your full forecast for the month. Otherwise, you will be missing 50 percent of the news I have to share with you.

Why is the Sun-sign chart equally important to read? The Sun is in the center of our solar system. All the planets dutifully march around the Sun—the little planets don’t march around Venus or Neptune, for example. The Sun holds a special place in our solar system for it is at its center, around which our lives revolve. Without the Sun there would be no life on Earth—it is our solar system’s bright star. The rising sign or ascendant is equal in importance, and each will set the timing of opportunity arising in your life.

After you read both forecasts, think about the two areas of your life that will be especially lit in February due to the crowd of planets in the constellation of Aquarius. Blend the two areas that are accented together in your mind. Here is an example.

Let’s say you are a Gemini with Pisces rising. Gemini has an enormous emphasis on the ninth house of publishing and broadcasting (among other things), and Pisces has a strong emphasis on withdrawing into a private space to concentrate without distraction on a major project. It will be a secret project you won’t want to talk about yet, not until you want to show it to the world.

It looks like our Gemini may be working on writing a book or screenplay or mapping out a podcast series. With so many planets in Aquarius, this Gemini will be highly productive, and with those planets so harmonious to his or her Sun, the finished book or screenplay is likely to be well received and become a jewel in Gemini’s crown, assuming they will shutter within and concentrate hard.

Aspects of any given month will always be an extension of actions you’ve taken in the months leading up to that one. That is the reason I spend time showing you where you’ve been, where you are now, and the various directions you can choose to be headed next.

I give a big look into the future in Aquarius’ forecast for this month, February 2021. The Aquarians will be the headliners and pathfinders, so I gave that sign much detail about the future and described how important the Grand Mutation was on December 21, 2021. I am writing a separate article on that, but Astrology Zone takes so much time to write that I have to keep stopping for other articles. That’s not necessarily bad—it gives me more time to think and do research on the topic. That Grand Mutation will affect us all for the rest of our lives (for the coming 200 years) and is the biggest astrological cycle to change in all our lifetimes.

If you want to know how life will change, don’t miss the forecast I wrote for Aquarius this month. There will be plenty of statements in that forecast that will apply to you, no matter what your sign.

Even though Mercury will be retrograde this month until February 20, the energy of air-sign Aquarius will be so strong, I feel you will be highly productive, and you might not be troubled too much by little Mercury’s annoying little mishaps. (Mercury can be a little Wrecker Ralph, but all we can do is laugh when Mercury acts up.)

Watch to see what happens quickly in the days and weeks that follow the new moon that triggers and opens the energy of this month’s crown of stars in Aquarius on February 11. Please post on Twitter and Instagram @astrologyzone (I used the same address on both platforms) and on Facebook, Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone.

Now, let’s turn to an announcement I would like you to know about. “CBS Sunday Morning will Jane Pauley” is a highly respected American news show that has a magazine format of interesting stories. It’s one of my favorite shows, so imagine how surprised I was when its producer called to see if I would agree to be interviewed about astrology. (To be clear I was not the focus of the piece—astrology as a whole, and its popularity, would be the focus.) I agreed, and taped the interview with esteemed CBS national journalist Rita Brave, who is based in Washington, DC. Ms. Brave, a lively and warm Aries with Sagittarius rising, talked to me over Zoom for two hours.

Did it go well? My interview will be edited down to only a few tiny minutes, so I have no idea how my part will be in the end. I was asked to give short answers, and you know I tend to want to be detailed and complete, but that wasn’t always possible. All in all, it is so hard for me to have any objectivity, but I will remain optimistic.

You can see the interview on CBS, Sunday, February 7 (the same day as the Superbowl). The show appears from 9:00 to 10:00 AM Sunday mornings in New York (Eastern Standard Time) where I am based. If you live in Central, Mountain, or Pacific time and you would like to see the segment, you might want to check your listings for “CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley” and record it on your DVR.

Readers based anywhere in the world can see the full CBS morning show on the CBS website, and as soon as the February 7 show is posted, I will give you the link on social media. (On Twitter and Instagram, I have the same handle, @astrologyzone. On Facebook, I am Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone.)

Now to a question I am getting quite a bit. People keep asking me how long this pandemic will last. I do feel that once Saturn in Aquarius (an air sign) separates from being glued to Jupiter (the planet that enlarges all it touches), also in Aquarius, things will improve for we will have a better handle on the coronavirus. Saturn and Jupiter are currently moving apart and will be far enough apart in mid-to-late March.

With Saturn in air-sign Aquarius, and this is an air-born virus, everyone will have to be vaccinated in all countries before we can have any expectation of returning to normal life. I realize no vaccine works 100 percent, so I expect to be wearing my mask, washing my hands, and doing social distancing for a long time in the future, just like my friends and readers do in China. I think we are in this at least through 2021. Only gradually will we come out of this in 2022. Saturn will leave Aquarius in March 2023, but let’s hope it does not take that long.

Thank you for the overwhelming response to my newest self-published “Year Ahead 2021 Astrological Wall Calendar.” According to my reader mail, you are loving it! Orders are pouring in, and I am appreciative as the sales of the calendar allow me to keep Astrology Zone free for one and all.

On your calendar you will always have the right day for a client pitch, job interview, first date, or when to close on a house. I explain the aspects surrounding all new and full moons in easy to understand terms (with no astrological jargon). Printed on archival paper with rich inks, it is a collectable. Now that Jim Maynard is no longer publishing his calendar, many professional astrologers are looking for a substitute. Try mine, as my calendar takes five months to write the 13,000 words contained in it. Every date is triple checked, even by another astrologer I hire. My calendar is written for laymen and professionals alike, just as my website is meant for both.

Since I don’t sell my calendar on Amazon or BN.com, to get your copy, go to the home page of AstrologyZone.com and you will easily see the cover and be able to click through to your cart. It is $26.99, plus any applicable sales tax (New York State only) and shipping.

If you are a small bookseller, we will work with you here or in a foreign country if you carry my calendar. I will see that you make a profit. Write to [email protected]

Thank you, too, for the great response to my new app that I placed on the Apple App Store and Google Play on August 28. If you didn’t get your free version, complete with short daily horoscopes and my uncut monthly forecast, you should get it! My app is iron-clad secure, but going on the Internet on your phone’s browser is not very secure.

If you want more of my work, you can upgrade to the premium version for $4.99 a month, an in-app purchase that will get you my much longer daily forecasts, articles, and essays. You can stop auto-renewal any time, and if you need help, we are here to show you how to do that. We don’t keep your name or email address—Apple and Google Play, my retailers, have that data, so your information is in a locked box, totally secure. We don’t see it, use it, loan it, or give it away. Your privacy means everything to me.

For now, have fun with the free version of my new app:

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