A Note from Susan Miller — January 2021

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Dear Reader,

Often when we start a new year, the outer planets stay in their same positions, so the look and feel of the coming year stays fairly the same. That does not happen in 2021! Jupiter and Saturn decided to both enter Aquarius two days apart last month, to make lengthy stays. Gradually, other planets will migrate away from Capricorn and into Aquarius—something you will see in February—and offer a lighter, breezier influence than what we have been used to.

The eclipses have moved away from Capricorn and Cancer too, into more mutable, flexible, and adaptable Gemini and Sagittarius. We will have three eclipse in those signs in 2021, and the start of in a new series, Taurus and Scorpio, when one arrives in Taurus this year. In 2020, we had a remarkable six eclipses (actually seven, if you count the December 25, 2019, eclipse that appeared one week before 2020), which means that the universe was asking us to make many sudden adjustments.

Jupiter will be moving very fast this year and actually slide straight into early degrees of Pisces from May 13 to July 28. The universe will give Jupiter a quick call, “Where are you Jupiter? Why are you in Pisces? You haven’t finished your full tour of duty for Aquarius! Come back!” Jupiter, of course, will instantly return to Aquarius on July 28 and remain in Aquarius until December 28/29, 2021, depending on your time zone. For Pisces, 2022 will be their year.

Early in 2021, Saturn will stay stuck to Jupiter for the first two and a half months, but after that, Jupiter will break free from Saturn’s limiting influence. I feel scientists will get a better handle on the virus by March, and for that we will all breathe a sigh of relief.

Saturn, however, is a necessary factor in the equation if you want to build lasting achievements. Saturn will teach you how to accomplish that dream in any realm in life and also ensure that all your hard work will last and help to form the pillar that will support your life. What you gain with Saturn you keep forever. Saturn is demanding, but he is effective, and in the end, the parts of life we tackle, personally and professionally, turn out to be the results we are proudest to say we accomplished.

I now want to give you an update on my eyes. As you know, I had one operation on August 31, which went well, but did not change my eyesight that much. A much more dramatic improvement occurred after my second operation on November 13. It was surgery on the capsule on my right eye. For months something had happened to the capsule and suddenly I was seeing less and less. I wrote your forecast holding a magnifying glass with a 6.50 magnification. I thought, what if the doctors can’t fix this? After the November 13 operation, I could see my entire face in the mirror for the first time in four years. (That required an adjustment!)

You kept praying for me, and I was so grateful. Sometimes we pray and we don’t get what we want, but the prayers are answered giving us not what we want, but what we need. I will explain.

I wanted a third operation, to give me distance in the right eye, as I had been born with one farsighted eye and one nearsighted eye. When a doctor botched an operation on my right eye four years ago, he took away all my farsighted vision and gave me extreme nearsightedness, and to this day I can only see 12 inches in depth. I was plunged into a world of blur that was completely unfamiliar to me. I had a team of distinguished doctors here in New York City, each one specializing in a different part of the eye. I thought I had convinced the entire team of the wisdom of a third operation. That idea was squashed by my retina specialist, Dr. Freund.

On my last visit, he spoke kindly to me and told me not to do a third operation. He agreed the first two surgeries were a success and very necessary. Any more surgery would be a big mistake. He explained how my genetic eye condition would continue to deteriorate my retina. My left eye is gone, but the right eye is very functional—quite good. He said that we only have one eye to work with, and so it is too risky. He knew my relatives live very long—all over 100—and many have my condition. He said if I wanted to change the vision to distance, there would come a time I would never be able to read anything again, and I’d never be able to see my children’s faces. I would wear glasses that were two inches thick, he said, and only be able to see one word at a time. I would only see pieces of people’s faces.

He said quietly, “You can’t do this, Susan.” My heart sank, but I knew he was right. For the past 11 years, I have gone to Dr. Freund every four weeks and he injects medicine into the white of my eye to slow down the deterioration of my retina. There is no cure, so this the best treatment we have, and it is effective.

My reason for telling you this is that prayers are always answered. Through your prayers, God made sure I didn’t do something that would ultimately hurt my eyes and make navigating my life impossible. Dr. Freund knows I write for my living, and he loves my wall calendar—he brings it home to his family, and they have it hanging in their kitchen. He said to me, “I have to be sure you can keep writing and functioning many decades into the future. If you have this third operation, I know you won’t see well, and you will be in a bad place.”

Sometimes you don’t get what you want because you wanted the wrong thing—that’s when prayers come in to help you get back on track. I will see my optometrist (she’s famous, too) who has some ideas about what to prescribe for me. Contacts are out of the question—they felt like shards of glass when she inserted them as a test. She laughed and said, “You are not a candidate for contacts,” and I laughed, agreeing wholeheartedly. My eyes are too scarred.

Now let’s turn to the news—my calendar is now shipping. I hope you will order my gorgeous Year Ahead 2021 Astrological Wall Calendar to help you plan your bright New Year. You will have all the planetary aspects and more than the ones I talk about in my monthly and daily forecasts—you can always know you have chosen the right day to make your initiation far ahead of my reports

This year, Izak Zenou, my favorite French artist, did our new calendar for 2021, with the theme, “All women are beautiful, across all ethnicities—white, black, brown, Asian, and including women from India.” The artwork is reproduced on the thick matte archival paper, using rich inks, and the result, is stunning.

To order click here: https://bit.ly/2V4fnKG

If you are a professional astrologer bemoaning the end of the Quicksilver Production yearly aspect calendar by Jim Maynard, try mine this year. We triple-check every aspect, and then I have an astrologer check my work again. I write the meaning of each aspect in easy to understand language on the day it occurs for those who are not professionals and who would want to know what the aspect means.

All aspects are set to West Coast time, because, say, a full moon occurs at 2 AM in New York, it will be 11 PM (a day earlier) in Los Angeles. Most people in the US are going to feel that full moon the evening that the West Coast feels it. If you live in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, or other places, see the simple calculation in the introduction of the calendar—this way no one is ever too late to enjoy an aspect.

We have changed fulfillment houses, and we begin shipping from their excellent facility in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, January 5. If you are among those who pre-ordered, your order is going out first this week.

We know that international readers have been upset with the costs of UPS and FedEx, and we are in talks with both companies as well as the United State Post Office, Express Mail division. We are working to bring the rates into more manageable proportions. We found USPS Priority Mail to international clients either gets lost or stolen, so that’s not an option. I want to assure you that I don’t make a profit on the shipping—the carriers simply bill my account.

I often have to pay VAT taxes in various countries. It’s random, so I never know when another big bill is coming. Those costs are often two or three times the cost of the calendar, which is distressing. We are working on all of this—we have heard you.

We send the calendar out in beautiful heavy white rigid cardboard envelopes, and that is perhaps the most important element in the mix. We have tested these envelopes thoroughly through the years, and they protect your calendar perfectly.

We do not sell on Amazon because Amazon wants me to raise the price of each calendar so much that I rejected that decision. I have staff looking into their contracts, but it seems that may not work.

We welcome small booksellers, and we will offer you a discount. Please write to [email protected] and let us know how many to send you. (We can always send you more if you sell out.)

I hope you have my brand new app, “Daily Horoscope AstrologyZone + More by Susan Miller” available from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. (Just search for Susan Miller and you will see my app with a picture of me.) The app’s icon is a big AZ against a blue sky with three twinkling stars.

We debuted my new app on August 28, 2020, and the reviews are wonderful! Thank you! I have a FREE version of the app for you, because going on your cell phone browser to read my monthly reports is not a good way to read my work. The app is easier on your eyes, easier to navigate, and iron clad secure.

If you decide you want more information, you can choose to upgrade with an in-app purchase of $4.99 a month. I share part of that cost with Apple and Google as they deserve it. My app was produced by me working with a professional team in Santa Monica. I looked at 10 app companies—Invemo won hands down.

To get my app for iPhone: http://apple.co/2gcVDnn

To get my app on Android: http://bit.ly/2y7pHaT

We take your privacy very seriously. As my retailers, Apple and Google keep your personal information—we are happy to have Apple and Google as our retailers, for they keep your data secure. Since my app is free and will make your life easier, I think you would enjoy downloading my app and have fun playing with it.

Have a Happy New Year, dear reader. Many of you suffered so much in 2020. My heart goes out to you if you lost a loved one or had a relative in the hospital. Other readers lost their jobs, and that, too, is painful to endure. We will have a better year, and our lives will gradually be made new and improved from top to bottom.

Join my Newsletter list on the homepage of Astrology Zone (look for the pink lotus blossom near the bottom of the home page. After that, remember to confirm that you would like to be on my list.) Your name and email will never be sold, lent, or given away.

To sign up, go to https://bit.ly/3fQm1Ot

I send out very few mailings, and only when I want to share important information.

Tomorrow I am going to write about the Grand Mutation, a major configuration that will take us into a completely new world for the coming 200 years. It comes thanks to the historic meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, which happened last month on December 21.

Many people called that conjunction the Christmas Star, but astrologers feel it was Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars in conjunction that created the great light that guided the three Wise Men to baby Jesus. We did not have a triple conjunction, just one of Jupiter and Saturn last month. Still, the light from those two planets was brilliant. These two planets, Jupiter and Saturn, conjoin only once every 20 years, and when they do, by looking at the sign they meet in and the place in your chart, it has a profound effect on society. That meeting on December 21 is something to be exited about. We will feel the changes they will bring for the rest of our lives.

Readers on my newsletter list will be the first to get the essay on the Grand Conjunction, and then a week or two later I will post it on AstrologyZone.com and the premium version of my app.

Soon after, I will also write about another important theme that pertains to all of 2021, the clash of Saturn and Uranus that will be with us throughout the year. We all will be asked, what should we treasure and preserve, and what should we change and innovate? Everyone on the globe will have a voice in the decision, and that includes you, of course.

The dynamic tension between the 90-degree angle of Saturn and Uranus will produce some lively debates in society, and that is how we get to the right answers.

I wrote so much about 2021 last month in my December report for each sign. Please go back and print out yours from your laptop for safe keeping. Once we post February and take the December forecast off the servers, it will be gone forever. If you are a Capricorn, it is a must read, and if you are Aquarius, the star of the zodiac this year, you also should keep a copy. In Aquarius, I lay out the major trend, so be sure to print it out and keep December—all 6,700 words!

Happy New Year, dear reader!

Thank you for all your support!


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