Monthly News from Susan Miller — April 2022

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Dear Reader,

This is such a fantastic month that if you don’t read another column by me this year, read this one. You will come away just as jubilant as I am right now. The wonder-aspects will just keep coming down the pike, one after another. I wish every month could be like April!

Here us what is due:

1. A sweet, supportive new moon on April 1 in Aries, that will be strong and supportive for six months or more.

2. A full moon April 16 in Libra that will bring things to a conclusion—I tell you how—and at the eleventh hour, a surprise from Uranus.

3. A historic never-before-experienced meeting of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces on April 12, not to happen again in Pisces until 2188. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event, and how it will affect you, as well as all of society. (Hint: Neptune rules the arts, as well as compassion and philanthropic work for those who suffer. Jupiter expands all that it touches and brings money, too.)

4. Mars, first in Aquarius, a holdover from March 6, and then moves into Pisces April 14 and how this will affect you.

5. On April 30, a positive solar eclipse in Taurus, which will coincide with Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, suggesting it will create changes you’ll love.

6. Mercury’s impending retrograde next month from May 10 to June 3, so try to get as much done in April as you can to avoid the characteristic slowdown Mercury retrograde is known to bring.

7. The impending move of Jupiter, the great benefic, into Aries next month, May 10.

In explaining all these aspects, I felt compelled to give you a lot of background information so you could put things into context. You will also get an idea of the shape and structure of the rest of the year to come.

This was the reason my report to you is late. I started on March 17 and have been writing ever since, ending on April 6. The entire manuscript totals 40,000 words. If you were to print all 12 signs out, you’d have to use a lot of paper! At times, I wondered if I had the strength to do all this explaining to 12 signs as quickly as I could, but I did it, and now I want you to read all the good news I have to share. When I write to you, I attempt to become you, to look at the world through your eyes—to look back at what you’ve been through, and forward to what is coming next.

If you have friends or family of various signs that you think would enjoy seeing their April report, I would be grateful if you would forward the link of their sign for them to read. Also, please let the word out on social media. I know I am late, but it is because this is such an important month that I had to give you a full lowdown with no shortcuts. April and May will allow each of us to turn a corner to greet new opportunities and solutions.

I finished my manuscript for the Year Ahead 2022 a month ago, and now my art director is finished laying it out. It is ready to go on e-commerce. I will write the back cover, and it will be ready for purchase in about a week—watch my feed on social media: on Twitter @astrologyzone, on Instagram @astrologyzone, and on Facebook, Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone. It will be on Kindle and I hope on iPad too—I will have a full report for you shortly.

This is a different version of the year Ahead 2022 than was in the beauty boxes I wrote. The editors had to cut out all the specific dates. This manuscript is three times the size of that beauty box report and gives many specific dates to help you plan ahead.

I know my international readers were anxious to get this report. Also included is a bonus chapter running 9,700 words about the meaning of the Grand Mutation and precisely how the monumental and rare meeting of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020, will reshape the coming 200 years for all of us. It’s quite a big astrological event, and you will want to know all about it.

Turning to another topic, my new app is still secret and will come out in June. First we are submitting it to Apple and Google for approval. My new app will give you extra information that you don’t have now. That extra information will help you become more productive. At the same time, having my new app will lower your stress by banishing much frustration by choosing the right day to schedule your most important meetings, events, first dates, and other key initiations. As said, this new app will provide additional information that you can use in tandem with my present award-winning app that we redesigned on August 28, 2020.

Before I go, I will add that I feel you will love the premium version of my app, which is $4.99 a month (an in-app purchase). That works out to be about a dollar a week, less than the price of a cup of coffee. My app supports Astrology Zone and all new projects I want to bring to you, so I hope you will give it a try.

Start by downloading the free version, which includes my uncut monthly report. Those of you who have my premium app will never lack information if I am a few days late, like this week, for each day gives you a full rundown of what you need to know for that day.

The length of my daily horoscope in the premium version of my app averages 80-85 words for each sign. As you have come to expect, I am very detailed. If you have not yet downloaded my free version, by all means you may want to consider doing that.

My new app will NOT replace any of the information found in my award-winning app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, called “Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller.” (That’s a long title, so just search “Susan Miller” as I come up first. Look for a photo of me wearing a white blouse, along with a big AZ icon.) The new app will add to the information that you don’t have.

In the meantime, enjoy April. I love that you have been sending me letters about how certain days have worked out for you. I hope April is filled with joy for you.


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