News from Susan Miller — December 2021

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Dear Reader,

We have a big, glorious month in store, just in time to enjoy the holiday season. This month is as different as night and day from November, which might have been fairly frustrating for you. This month has everything—a friendly solar eclipse in Sagittarius, a delightful Gemini full moon, and a move of Jupiter to a new sign, spreading goodness in a whole new area of your chart.

First, thank you for your overwhelmingly positive response to the Celestial Collection Beauty Boxes I curated at the invitation of InStyle magazine and Brandshare, as both companies are in charge of the project. It was their brilliant idea to link the products to astrology. Each box is filled with full sized products that I chose to delight each of the signs. The beauty and wellness products are new, and most are just now coming to market. One reader wrote to say she bought 14 Beauty Boxes for friends and family, and she was so happy to see how thrilled her recipients were to receive her gift.

Inside the Beauty Box is my book, “2022 Year Ahead Horoscopes” that Instyle asked me to write—it is 58 pages (7”x6½”in size) and chock full of information for your Year Ahead 2022. The book is beautifully laid out in 12 chapters by sign.

The boxes are being shipped quickly from InStyle’s fulfillment house, so hurry and get one for yourself, friends, and family as a great gift. Your order should arrive in two weeks, possibly sooner. My guy friends like it too, as Jimmy said to me, “Hey, we guys have to take care of our skin too! And I love having your Year Ahead 2022 book inside.” The Beauty Boxes are divided into each of the four astrological elements, and I decided which products would appeal to each group of signs.

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Click here to shop:

Please note: The Beauty Boxes are not being shipped internationally. We have received several letters from readers asking us to correct this situation and every letter has been shown to InStyle and Brandshare. They might be surprised to see I have so many international readers. InStyle and Brandshare, along with me (of course), are trying to find a solution for you. I need to hear from you for we need to know where you live—which country. Government customs of each country have different rules for what can and cannot be shipped over their borders. To help me help you, please write to me and let me know where you live.

Write to

[email protected]

On another note, thank you for your enthusiasm for my new Year Ahead 2022 Astrological Wall Calendar. If you are not familiar with it, you can see it on the front page of my website. Just click on the cover of my calendar with the portrait of four girls. Once you click on the cover, you will be taken to a page describing the calendar’s features and shown samples of the beautiful artwork by Izak Zenou, a top French fashion illustrator, now living in the US. I self-publish my calendars every year, and I use the most beautiful matte archival paper and rich inks. I hire the entire team, and I write every word. I design it to be a blueprint for you to plan your biggest initiations for the New Year 2022.

As I mentioned last month, my printer told me that I cannot reprint this calendar again this year because we simply cannot get the special paper I would need quickly. I found myself part of the supply chain problem, which I never imagined would have happened to me! As I have since learned, everyone everywhere is having problems getting materials for items needed in manufacturing. Order yours before we sell them out! If you order today, you can give them out as gifts.

Now, on another topic, I have some exciting news! One reader wrote saying she would like my app to have the capability to read the daily and monthly forecasts to her. She has trouble with her eyes, and I was sensitive to her request, because I have the same problem. At first I thought adding this feature would be too expensive to do, but I continued to have discussions with my engineers.

Long story short—you will have this capability on my app in your cell phone very soon. We are finished coding this feature and awaiting Apple and Google’s approval. I feel many people love podcasts, which is audio, so even if your vision is perfect, you might like to have my daily and monthly forecasts read to you while you multitask. Stay turned—you will have this soon. Thank you to the reader who wrote to us—we really do read every letter. Often a reader has a great idea to share, like this one. I am happy about this feature because I think you will love it!

I have another announcement! My close friend, Alanna Zabel, famed yoga teacher who founded AZIAM in Santa Monica, California, does retreats all the time. They are always wildly popular. She likes to keep them small and intimate so that everyone can get the most value from her sessions. When the pandemic struck, she developed virtual Zoom retreats instead. No surprise, her virtual retreats are just as popular.

A word about my friend: Alanna worked with Deepak Chopra for seven years and has authored several books, always emphasizing the spiritual side of life. Many celebrities flock to Alanna’s classes, and I can see why. I feel her kind, welcoming style and soft, soothing voice makes everyone want to keep coming back and learning from Alanna and being inspired by her. You will see a recent photo of Alanna on her website’s homepage here:

Alanna’s next virtual event for AZIAM will take place for one day: Saturday, December 18, which is also the day of the lovely full moon.


Alanna invited me to be part of her virtual retreat, and I instantly agreed. You can attend from any city of the world from your computer or cell phone.

I have already taped all 12 forecasts for The Year Ahead for each individual sign (each forecast runs approximately five minutes each). I will also hold a separate, live Question + Answer period that you can participate in by asking me your question on Zoom.

Here is the information. (You will see more on Alanna’s website).

Your hosts: Susan Miller and Alanna Zabel. Ticket $125.00 USD

Our Astrology + Yoga Retreat includes:

  • 2022 Astrology Talk (taped) with me, Susan Miller
  • Personalized Q & A with Susan Miller (Livestream via Zoom)
  • Guided Inspirational Walk
  • Yoga + Fitness session:
  • Meditation + Full Moon Sound Journey
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Self Care Treatments
  • Daily Guidance, Inspiration and Wellness from Alanna’s team of experts, straight to your home

International Time Zones:

Alanna will schedule your emails to sync up according to your time zone, so don’t worry about having to conform to US time zones. Alanna is making it convenient for you.

December is always a special month for us here, for on December 14, Astrology Zone will celebrate 26 years on the Internet. I started my site on that day in 1995, and it’s hard to believe so much time has gone by. I am grateful to have a job that makes me excited each day, and to feel I continue to grow and learn in my area of specialty, astrology. Most of all, I am grateful to you, dear reader, for your faithful, enthusiastic support. Thank you.

Happy Holidays!


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