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  • Chicago P.D. Recap: Who Died in the Season 9 Finale? — Plus, Grade It!
    Picking up where we left off in the penultimate episode, Chicago P.D.’s Season 9 finale found Intelligence scrambling to bring down Escano, who was going scorched earth on his whole operation. While Upton would be just fine after that explosion which briefly knocked her out, the same couldn’t be said about the investigation. Escano was […]
  • Chicago Fire Finale Recap: Wedded Bliss and Danger — Plus, Grade It!
    That sound you hear is wedding bells finally ringing on Chicago Fire‘s Season 10 finale. But Severide and Stella didn’t make it down the aisle without some hiccups, and their honeymoon might not be so peaceful either. Let’s start at the beginning: Severide is asked to testify before a grand jury against Campbell. When the […]
  • Survivor Finale Recap: It's Do or Die... Again! — Did the Right Person Win the Money and Title of Sole Survivor?
    Warning: This post contains spoilers from Wednesday’s season finale of Survivor.   With only five players left at the beginning of Survivor‘s finale, everyone’s targets were big, bold and constantly shifting. After 23 days in the elements, it was still anybody’s game to win. As a result of Omar’s blindside last week, Lindsay finds herself in […]
  • This Is Us Series Finale: Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley Reveal What You Didn't Hear in Those Eulogies
    When This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman was envisioning how Rebecca’s funeral would play out in the series’ finale, he remembered how his grief over his own mother’s death had seemed to blot out so much of her memorial service. “I lost my mom and very similarly sat up all night the night before deciding that […]
  • Chicago Med Finale Recap: A Fiery End
    Chicago Med‘s Season 7 finale could have used an assist from their pals over at Chicago Fire. Wednesday’s episode ended with a fiery cliffhanger that left two doctors’ lives in jeopardy. Meanwhile, one couple called it quits, while another is facing a potential relationship rift. Let’s review the biggest moments from the season ender: WILL/HANNAH […]
  • Sistas Star Chris Warren Teases More Hayden Hatefulness in Season 4B
    When Chris Warren first started portraying Hayden Moss on Tyler Perry’s Sistas, the character was a lot like Zeke, the affable teen the actor played in Disney’s High School Musical movies. But as time went on, Hayden became more and more sinister as he plotted against Zac and Fatima, aka “Zatima.” Warren, who says he is […]
  • The Circle Recap: Who Won Season 4?
    And then there were six in the Season 4 finale of The Circle. The remaining contestants in the Netflix reality competition included Frank, who was playing as himself; Yu Ling, who was also playing as herself; Rachel, who was playing as herself; Alex, who was catfishing as Nathan; Eversen, who was playing as himself; and […]
  • This Is Us' Mandy Moore Attended Rebecca's Funeral in the Series Finale: 'I Just Wanted to Be There'
    When it came time for Rebecca’s funeral in This Is Us‘ series finale, the actress who played the Pearson matriarch for six seasons thought it would be proper to pay her respects like everyone else. So Mandy Moore made sure she was on set while Rebecca’s sendoff was being filmed, she tells TVLine. “I did make […]
  • Abbott Elementary's Quinta Brunson Hits Back at Fans 'Demanding' a 'School Shooting Episode'
    Abbott Elementary creator and star Quinta Brunson is sick to her stomach — not only over America’s “love affair” with guns, but the apparent demand for her hit ABC comedy to address the gun violence epidemic in Season 2. On Tuesday, 19 children and two adults were killed when a gunman opened fire at Robb […]
  • DC's Stargirl Adds Seth Green in Recast
    The almighty (if unpredictable) Thunderbolt may sound a bit different when he next materializes on DC’s Stargirl. TVLine has learned that for Season 3 of the CW superhero team-up series, Robot Chicken co-creator and prolific voice actor Seth Green will help bring the pink, wish-granting genie to life. Green thus succeeds Jim Gaffigan, who voiced […]