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  • Lost Boss Damon Lindelof Pays Tribute to Mira Furlan: 'We are Deeply Grateful For All You Did to Protect the Island'
    Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof is remembering cast member Mira Furlan, who died Wednesday at the age of 65. The actress played marooned scientist Danielle Rousseau on the ABC drama, appearing in 20 episodes over the series’ six seasons. “Danielle Rousseau moves into the light,” Lindelof lamented on Instagram Friday. “Rest In Peace, Mira… We are deeply […]
  • Brie Larson to Star in Science Drama Lessons in Chemistry for Apple
    A new drama starring and executive-produced by Academy Award-winner Brie Larson has been given a straight-to-series order at AppleTV+. Set in the 1960s and based on the upcoming debut novel by Bonnie Garmus, Lessons in Chemistry “follows Elizabeth Zott, whose dream of being a scientist is put on hold in a society deeming that women […]
  • Ratings: Strong Walker Fuels The CW's Most Watched Thursday in 3 Years
    In the latest TV show ratings, Walker debuted to 2.43 million total viewers and a 0.4 demo rating, giving the CW time slot its largest audience in more than four years (since a December 2016 episode of Legends of Tomorrow) and leading the network to its most watched Thursday in nearly three years (since March […]
  • WandaVision's Elizabeth Olsen Explains Wanda's Sudden [Spoiler] — And What It Means Moving Forward
    This post contains spoilers from WandaVision’s third episode. If you haven’t already seen it, avert your eyes. WandaVision, in its first few episodes, takes place in a whimsical sitcom world where things clearly aren’t as perfect as they seem. Delightful nods to classic shows like The Dick Van Dyke Show and Bewitched seem to camouflage a […]
  • Mira Furlan, Babylon 5 and Lost, Dead at 65: 'A Stunning, Talented Performer'
    Mira Furlan, best known for her roles as Minbari Ambassador Delenn on Babylon 5 and Danielle Rousseau on Lost, has died at the age of 65. Furlan died of undisclosed causes on Wednesday. Her death was confirmed the following evening on Twitter. Shortly thereafter, Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski shared a touching tribute. “It […]
  • Legacies EP on What Rafael's Premiere Discovery Really Means: 'He's Always Wondered Where He Comes From'
    For the second time in a row, Legacies kicked off a new season with Hope out of commission, leaving her classmates to scramble like headless chickens — angsty, magical headless chickens. With the threat of Wednesday Addams Dark Josie finally behind them, the students of the Salvatore School attempted to piece together their fractured community on […]
  • The CW's Walker: Grade the Premiere
    If you tuned into The CW’s Walker expecting Jared Padalecki to karate-chop criminals, then you were probably surprised by what you got instead during Thursday’s series premiere: an emotional family drama. The Walker, Texas Ranger reboot stars Supernatural vet Padalecki as the titular law enforcement agent, Cordell Walker, who starts out the pilot as a husband and father but […]
  • grown-ish's Yara Shahidi Explains Why New Cast Members' Dark Skin Matters
    The following contains spoilers from the grown-ish Season 3B premiere. Read at your own risk. The “will they or won’t they” question between Zoey (Yara Shahidi) and Aaron (Trevor Jackson) received an answer this Thursday night on Freeform’s grown-ish.In a word, they won’t — at least not anytime soon. But what is even more significant […]
  • MacGyver's Lost Reunion Scoop: How Can Five-0's Jerry Help the Team?
    A full 11 months after word leaked that MacGyver would be hosting a tiny Lost reunion, we have details on what finds Jorge Garcia’s Hawaii Five-0 character interacting with Henry Ian Cusick’s Russ Taylor. In the Season 5 episode “SOS + Hazmat + Ultrasound + Frequency + Malihini,” set to air Friday, Feb. 12, Taylor […]
  • Ratings: Biden's Inauguration Draws 4% Bigger Crowd Than Trump in 2017
    Joe Biden‘s swearing-in as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday amassed 39.9 million total viewers across ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News Channel. That represents a slightly (4 percent) larger TV audience than President Donald Trump’s actual swearing-in ceremony drew back in, gosh, what was it… 2017? It’s also the […]