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  • TWD: World Beyond Recap: Penultimate Episode Makes a Casualty of [Spoiler]
    What wearing a red shirt is to Star Trek crew members, making plans for the future is for Walking Dead characters. Yet in the penultimate episode of the AMC drama’s World Beyond spinoff, one of our young survivors made that fatal mistake and… Well, suffice it to say, they are no longer one of our […]
  • The Waltons' Homecoming: Did CW Movie Remake Evoke Enough Charm?
    The CW this Sunday night commemorated the 50th anniversary of The Homecoming: A Christmas Story — the 1971 TV-movie that wound up siring The Waltons — with a remake. But did it evoke enough folksy charm? As with the source material, and set in 1933, The CW’s The Waltons’ Homecoming found the titular family readying […]
  • Insecure's Leonard Robinson Breaks Down That Molly and Taurean 'Ship, Says Black Twitter Was Right
    Leonard Robinson has a warm and inviting smile, but that’s something fans of Insecure haven’t been able to see, because his character Taurean is always scowling. This changed during Sunday night’s installment of the HBO comedy after Taurean finally warmed up to Molly (Yvonne Orji) during a work retreat. Molly, who woke up with a […]
  • Insecure Recap: Owning Your Choices
    Issa rocked defensiveness more than she did that fly sweater of hers on Sunday night’s Insecure. The HBO romcom opened with our girl fantasizing about peacefully and maturely approaching Lawrence, Condola and their baby boy at the hospital, only to toss that baby like a basketball, dropkick Condola in the stomach and flex on her […]
  • Fear the Walking Dead Recap: At Last, [Spoiler]'s Fate Is Revealed
    The bulk of Sunday’s eventful Fear the Walking Dead swirled around Strand, his head growing heavier and heavier as it wore the crown. But not even the shocker at the climax of his part of the hour could compete with the moment that viewers had been waiting and waiting for: Alicia’s return — and Alycia […]
  • Succession's Sarah Snook on Filming Shiv's Wild Dancing Scene: 'Someone Said, 'You've Just Become a GIF''
    Ladies and gentleman, we may have just witnessed the most iconically awkward TV dance since Elaine Benes. This week on Succession, Kendall threw himself a ridiculously over-the-top birthday party, and his sister Shiv — who’s been repeatedly knocked down the corporate ladder by her dad Logan in recent weeks — decided to let off a […]
  • Succession Recap: The Party's Over
    Need to catch up? Read our previous Succession recap here. Kendall pulled out all the stops to throw himself a lavish birthday bash this week on Succession — but he didn’t get everything he wanted. We catch up with Kendall as he rehearses for the party, singing Billy Joel’s “Honesty” with a huge wooden cross nearby […]
  • Dexter Recap: Like Father, Like Son
    Despite the fact that Dexter has officially squared away his dead-body bind, Sunday’s episode of Dexter: New Blood confirmed that the sometimes-killer’s problems have only just begun. While Kurt’s boldfaced lie about FaceTiming with his (dead) son Matt remains perplexing, Episode 4 puts its primary focus on Harrison, as a scuffle at school may have […]
  • Dexter Boss and Michael C. Hall Talk Harrison's Emerging Darkness and Dexter's Reaction to That Big Reveal
    In Sunday’s episode of Dexter: New Blood, Dexter’s greatest fear may have become reality. While Harrison was being hailed as the savior of his high school for thwarting a potential shooting, Dexter’s suspicions over his son’s story led him down an unsettling rabbit hole. With the help of police photos and crime-scene spatter, Dexter deduced […]
  • Power Book II's Mary J. Blige Dishes About Monet's Reignited Former Flame
    Who’s in the mood for a little raspberry swirl cheesecake? At the end of Sunday’s Power Book II: Ghost, Mary J. Blige‘s Monet was summoned to Junior’s, a Brooklyn cheesecake emporium she used to frequent with an old flame. And that old flame — and fellow lover of the aforementioned cheesecake flavor — turned out to […]